Doctor Pulls a Maggot Out of a Woman’s Lip & It's Even Grosser Than It Sounds (VIDEO)

What I'm about to show you is the Grossest Thing of Summer 2015. Verily it will ruin your lunch, so readers beware. But we're all talking about it, and we want you to know what you're seeing. Are you ready? Okay. Witness a doctor pulling a maggot our of a woman's lip.


This video entitled "GIRL GETS A HUGE WORM REMOVED FROM HER LIP" (their yelling, not mine) was posted back in March. It has gone viral recently for some reason. I guess we cannot resist a horror show. The poster gives no background information at all, but a perusal of the comments section reveals the creature pulled from the woman's lip is likely the maggot or larva of a botfly.

Do not Google "botfly." I repeat: DO NOT GOOGLE BOTFLY.

Now I'm the one yelling. Anyway, according to Wikipedia a botfly is an insect whose larvae are parasites. The fly lays its eggs on the warm body of a mammal, and upon contact the eggs hatch and larvae emerge. There are different varieties, but the human botfly often chooses humans as its host. And its larvae have special spines it can use to burrow under your skin, where it can grow and become way more disgusting than your worst nightmares.

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Here's the fun part! You can't just squeeze the thing out yourself because it'll explode, and its fluids have been known to cause anaphylactic shock. It sounds like a sick plot point in a science fiction movie, but nope. This is the planet we live on.

Instead, you can seal off its breathing hole with petroleum jelly so it suffocates. And then you must see a doctor who can remove it ever so gently with tweezers, as seen here. Keep in mind, infestation on the mouth is extremely rare.

The botfly is native to Central and South America. For now.

I didn't want to watch this video. But darned if I didn't click that red "play" button anyway, and then I was transfixed as the doctor pulled, and pulled, and pulled. I kept thinking he was almost done, but no. He kept going. How long is that thing? You'll have to watch to find out.


Image via CREATISTA/shutterstock

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