Eating Disorder Survivor Strips Down in Public to Send an Emotional Message (VIDEO)

jae west picadilly circus On Sunday afternoon in London, a young woman in a floral dress walked to the center of Picadilly Circus and stripped down to her bra and underwear. She then blindfolded herself, placed a felt-tipped marker in each of her fists, and propped a large sign at her feet that read, "I'm standing for anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder or self-esteem issue like me ... To support self-acceptance, draw a heart on my body."


The woman's name is Jae West, and she is a dancer, actress, and yoga instructor who was inspired to conduct this social experiment after watching a TED Talk by Amanda Palmer called "The Art of Asking."

Palmer had also gotten naked in public and asked fans to draw on her body. After hearing her talk, West immediately felt the significance of "linking the vulnerability of nudity with self-esteem issues in a public setting."

The video of Jae at Picadilly is going viral, and it's a must-watch.

As someone who had battled with eating disorders throughout high school and her early 20s, West is passionate about addressing the unrealistic expectations we often place on ourselves and how they can lead us to feel unworthy of love.

West writes in an account of her experiment:

It was a reality check of how harsh we can be on ourselves, we really can be our own worst critics. The unrealistic expectations we place on ourselves can cause us to reject the love that others openly give because of a feeling of unworthiness.

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Indeed, her message was felt as countless people took the markers from her fingertips and covered her arms and abdomen with little hearts. Some even commended her for being so brave. We couldn't agree more! 


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Image via Peter Sharp/YouTube

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