Women Reveal the Moments That Sealed Their Best Friendships Forever

Friends laughingMy BFF has laughed with me, cried with me, helped me with my kids, and even helped land me an amazing job. Those are all good things, but I didn't know we were friends forever until one particular outing ...

... when I let her take me bra shopping! Sharing the fitting room horror of bra shopping is a total bonding experience, especially if you are like me and HATE shopping for lingerie.

Sometimes the moments that cement a friendship can be MAJOR, and sometimes they might seem minute, but once you've found a forever friend, you know how important they are.

Read on for 11 great friendship love stories -- all with happy endings!


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  • Love Me, Love My Child


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    "When my now-12-year-old son started going through some serious behavioral and mental health issues, a lot of people pulled away from us. It was a really hard time as he was lashing out all the time, and we were trying to get him the help he needed. Through it all, my friend Kate never wavered. She helped me find a therapist, wrote me encouraging messages, and -- most importantly -- didn't stop loving my son. It meant the world." -- Aubrey M., Gainsville, Florida

  • She Saved My Life


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    "I've known my childhood best friend since second grade; we were inseparable and have remained super good friends. We've always been close growing up, but what really cemented it for sure was her saving my life when I tried to commit suicide when I was 18. For the first year after that I was really mad at her, but once I actually got through therapy and the right medication, I realized that I was actually quite thankful she was there that day. I love her to death!" -- Nancy K., Albany, New York

  • Through Thick and Thin


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    "I struggled with an eating disorder for YEARS. Through it all, Sarah never gave up on me. She took me to therapy appointments, she tried to keep me safe, and she also let me be normal too. I'm in a good place now, and I am so grateful for her support." -- Willow T., Bemidji, Minnesota

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  • She Gets Me


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    "I'm super lucky to have a BFF who I keep around because she's the quirkiest, most hilarious, bitchin' lady who just GETS ME!" -- Sara D., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • She Saw Me Through a Divorce


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    "I was blindsided when my husband announced he wanted a divorce. My BFF was there to pick up the pieces. She helped me find an apartment, helped me move, let me cry on her shoulder, and brought me lots of emergency wine and ice cream deliveries. Divorce SUCKS, but she helped me survive. I love her." -- Kat M., Gilbert, Arizona

  • Unstoppable Together


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    "You really do learn a lot about people when you travel! When my now-BFF and I had only known each other like six months, we got a wild urge for adventure and went to India together. Once you survive both of you getting the traveler's runs in a hotel room with one bathroom and no AC, you are stuck with each other for life!" -- Aria P., Chicago, Illinois

  • She Is Like an Aunt


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    "I didn't know if being the first in my group of friends to have a baby would wreck my friendships or not. Some friends aren't as close, but Jackie, who is still single and child-free, became even closer. She is like an aunt or a godmother to my daughter and loves her so much. I trust her with my baby completely, and that has made us best friends." -- Erica D., Lincoln, Nebraska

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  • Her Brother, My Husband


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    "My university roommate Hannah always felt like a sister to me, and then she introduced me to her brother. We fell in love and have been married for 15 years. Hannah isn't just my friend for life; she is actually my sister now!" -- Stacey V., London, England

  • She Got Me Through PPD


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    "It took me over five years to get pregnant, so I was elated when the baby came. And then, postpartum depression hit me like a ton of bricks. The baby had colic, I felt guilty for not loving something that I had worked so long to make happen, and my marriage felt strained. My friend came over EVERY SINGLE DAY for four months to give me a break and made sure I ate and took a quick nap. The fact that she did this even though she has her own kids is amazing. I'll be forever thankful." -- Ming X., San Francisco, California

  • We're 'Legally Obligated'


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    "After years of fun joint family vacations, my BFF and I (and our partners) decided to co-own a cabin on our favorite lake. We rent it out for extra income and spend a few weeks in it every summer. A lot of people think it is risky to mix friendship with business and property AND vacations together, but it works for us. I joke that we are now legally obligated to be friends!" -- Joy W., Ashland, Wisconsin

  • We Forged a Bromance


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    "My husband is a little quirky, and we live somewhere pretty conservative, so finding a friend whose husband also likes my husband? BEST THING EVER! We are a solid party of four now, and it is so great to have a couple friend to have dinner with." -- Mary Q., Salt Lake City, Utah

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