Women Reveal the Deal Breakers That Drove Them to End Best Friendships


When they are good, our female friendships can be a source of support, sanity, and love. But sometimes friendships can sour, either from neglect or from plain old bad behavior. Though it's sad to see these friendships dissolve, sometimes ending a friendship can be the best thing for us. What's a woman to do when a friend starts to treat her poorly? We found real stories from women who had to make a difficult call: to be (friends) or not to be (friends).


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Ending a friendship is painful. Almost as painful as a romantic relationship, but platonic friendships are a beast of their own. These woman can be family to us in times of need or the shoulder we cry on when we feel defeated. But sometimes we have to admit that friendships fade and the support runs dry. And when that happens, we may have no other choice but to end things. 

And that's a lot easier said than done, obviously.

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Here are some real reasons why some formerly great real-life friendships ended. No matter who was "at fault," these friendship breakups were hard and sad, and we thank these women for sharing. Take a look and see how these women knew it was time to say enough is enough. 

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