Gorgeous Model Ashley Graham Admits She Once Saw Herself as 'Fat' & 'Disgusting'

ashley grahamAshley Graham has it going on. Sports Illustrated? Check? Viral TED talk? Check. Own lingerie line? Yup. But recently, plus-size model Graham admitted that she used to hate her reflection -- to the point that each time she looked in the mirror, she'd think, "You are so ugly. You are so fat. This is disgusting."


This surprising confession came at Camp Pocono Trails, a "new image camp" in Pennsylvania. Sure, campers - girls between the ages of 7 and 21 -- come there to lose weight, but emphasis is also put on getting them to love their bodies.

That's why Graham and three other plus-sized models were invited to visit and give campers a pep talk. We're guessing Graham's heartfelt admission did the trick. A supermodel who thinks she's gross? Tell us more!

Graham confessed that her self-esteem used to be SO low that she wore super-skimpy clothes and dated the wrong type of guys.

You know those campers were riveted.

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Graham said she finally realized one day that her negative self-talk was seriously destructive. She shared with Yahoo:

It hit me one day. I said, 'What am I doing? My mom didn't raise me like this. My aunt did not raise me like this.'

That's when she decided to switch up the way she saw herself -- which meant, basically, faking it until she made it. She'd look in the mirror and tell herself, "I am beautiful, and I DO have a great body."

If you think that's cheesy, try it. It's a lot harder than you think. Unless, we're guessing, you're a Kardashian. Even Graham said it took MONTHS for that message to sink in.

In the meantime, she kept taking care of herself and working out. And reminding herself, most importantly, "No man, no job, no friend is going to tell me who I am -- I am going to tell me who I am."

Such a great message that we'll, um, overlook the grammatical error.

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So cool that Graham and her fellow models took time out of their busy schedules to visit the camp. According to Yahoo, some of the campers even cried after hearing the talk.

But not because they were sad, of course. That's just what it feels like when your life is changing.


Image via theashleygraham/Instagram

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