Awe-Inspiring 77-Year-Old Uses CrossFit to Take Back Her Life (VIDEO)

Constance TilletQuick! Think of a CrossFit athlete. Did you instantly picture some 25-year-old buff guy flipping a tire? If so, you need to meet Constance Tillet, a total bad ass 77-year-old who joined a CrossFit gym and has completely transformed her life, body, and health.


Constance was recently profiled by CBS News, and if her story doesn't make you believe that you can do whatever you set your mind to, nothing will!

Constance Tillet CrossFit

After a lifetime of not exercising, Constance developed diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease, and went through multiple hip, knee, and joint replacements. She was up to 60 pills a day when her son suggested she join a Brooklyn CrossFit gym.

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That was 10 months ago and now she is down 50 pounds and is off nearly all her medication. What a serious inspiration!

Constance also credits her new gym routine and the friendships she has made there for helping her through the recent loss of her beloved husband, proving that exercise is good for both body and soul.

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