Showing Off Your Cellulite Is the New Way to Love Your Body (PHOTOS)

woman sarongIf you have cellulite, chances are you go to GREAT lengths to hide it. (Self-tanner, Spanx, long-sleeved shirts and/or sarongs, etc.) But a buncha women out there have a message for you: Love every last orange-peely bit of yourself. And to inspire you, they're showing off THEIR cellulite.


Bustle's put together pics of women showcasing their cellulite on Instagram. Sound outrageous? Well, as the article puts out there, is it really any crazier than starving ourselves and becoming addicted to exercise?

Nah. We should all chill and get comfy with the bodies we have, and these women make some great role models.

Take a look at some of our fave shots from the piece.

The rocks were slippery guys but sometimes an enchantingly pretty shot is worth some core strength, determination and prayers to whatever God you believe in. It is also is a nice reminder that anything really is possible if you believe in it. Speaking of beliefs, I believe that the more plus size people show ourselves in our active lives the more comfortable people will be with seeing it. The reality is we are all living on this earth and the gift of movement is beautiful regardless of size. So if you're afraid your body won't be accepted, don't hide it. Help the world see you can be plus size and active. Plus size and strong. Plus size and beautiful. #effyourbeautystandards #journeytosplits #healthycurves #popsters

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These women are fierce -- and not because they obviously feel comfortable with their bodies, but because they truly seem eager to spread that body-pos message to others.

That said -- and here's the important part -- their cellulite doesn't define them. Look through any of these women's Instagram accounts and you'll see them hanging with friends and family, showing off amazing outfits, enjoying cool trips, and going on adventures.

They've got SO much going on inside their heads and hearts -- and isn't THAT the real definition of beauty?


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