Brave Woman's Selfie Was Banned & Now People Are Going Bare on Her Behalf (PHOTOS)

comfortable in my thick skinIf you suffer from a disease like scleroderma that affects the skin of your face, hands, and feet, it's probably something you're extremely self-conscious about. So, imagine that you finally worked up the bravery to talk about it -- and post a makeup-free selfie to show what scleroderma looks like. And THEN, imagine Facebook is all, "Ugh. Gross. We're taking it down!"


Luckily, this story has a happy ending, but it'll take some time to get there. Let's back up.

Scleroderma is a rare disease in which your collagen production gets out of whack, causing your skin and connective tissues to harden. (And in some cases, even your internal organs and blood vessels can be affected.) It affects women more than men, usually between the ages of 30 and 50.

Back in July, 40-year-old mom Lisa Goodman-Helfand, who has scleroderma and writes about it at her blog, Comfortable In My Thick Skin, posted a pic of herself without any makeup next to another blogger named Chanel who also suffers from scleroderma (above). It was the first time Lisa had ever publicly gone makeup-free.

Here's the reverse side-by-side: Lisa with makeup, next to a shot of what Chanel looks like when scleroderma takes its toll.

comfortable in my thick skin

Posting these pics took a lot of guts and happily, Lisa got such great response that she decided to promote her makeup-free shot next to Chanel on Facebook.

But it was quickly taken down because, sayeth Facebook, it would most likely receive "high negative feedback."

Lisa tried again. Facebook said nope. Ain't gonna happen.

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And so, the blogger asked people to share makeup-free pics of themselves to help draw attention to the skin disorder. Facebook's automatons, at least, have NO idea what it is or how tough it can be to live with.

The good news -- finally! -- is that people heeded Lisa's call to take action. On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, #ScelerodermaSelfies are all over the place. Some people have the skin disease. Others don't. Everyone is sympathetic to Lisa's plight. See for yourself.



For someone with clear, beautiful skin, posting a selfie to the world -- that will stay on the Internet for ETERNITY -- is tough enough. It's heartbreaking that Lisa's brave move was met with such "highly negative feedback."

SO inspiring other people have stepped up to support her.

Facebook, guys. It's going to be the #Downfall of Our Civilization.


Images via Comfortable in My Thick Skin/Facebook; Comfortable in My Thick Skin

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