Sick of Tired Insults About Your Period? There's a Hashtag for That!

angry womanRemember when the most horrifying thing that could happen in high school was a tampon or pad falling out of your purse in front of a boy? From the time we start our periods, we learn that it's something to be ashamed of. And it doesn't stop once we become adults, as we were reminded last week, when Donald Trump dismissed Megyn Kelly as angry and probably on her period following the GOP debate.


Trump told CNN's Don Lemon:

[Megyn Kelly] gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.

In response, women have started using the hashtag #PeriodsAreNotandInsult. And it's fantastic. There are tough women out there who are sick of all the shame and anxiety surrounding their periods, who are fed up with taking crap for it. They're ready to stand up and own their monthly visitor!

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Here's a lady who has her period and can still write a legal brief like it's no biggie.

Here's a nice lady willing to share her incredible stash of period supplies.

Where do we get period panties like these!?

It is a little cheap and juvenile to make period jokes, doncha think?

We've all had periods like the elevator scene from The Shining!

Maybe we all should try to keep misogynists posted on our period statuses.

The hashtag appears to have been the idea of @missambear, founder of Femsplain, and we want to join her mom in congratulating her on being a smart girl.

Clearly, it's time for us to put a stop once and for all to being shamed for a bodily function that half the world's population deals with every 28–35 days!


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