Drinking Wine Makes You More Beautiful & Brilliant -- Seriously! (GIFS)

couple drinking wine on couchNeed a solid reason to open a bottle of wine at exactly 5 p.m. your time today? Well, Vinepair.com has heard your telepathic wishes. The wine site put together a VERY important viral infographic explaining how wine makes you smart, creative, and attractive.


According to the must-read infographic, downing your fave white, red, or rose has a few major health benefits you may not have even realized!

Check it out.

vinepair infographic

If you're wondering if that team of researchers figured out that creativity bit while slugging some Pinot Gris, you're not the only one.

Of course, you've heard that imbibing is good for you in countless other (slightly less sexy but just as important) ways. Having one to two 4-oz. glasses of wine a day is also credited with reducing your risk of heart attacks, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, colon cancer, and cataracts, while slowing brain decline and increasing your lifespan.

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So, put that beer back in the fridge next time Happy Hour rolls around, and pour yourself some vino instead. You'll be in excellent company.



Images via wavebreakmedia/shutterstock; Vinepair.com

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