Paralyzed Bride Rachelle Chapman Poses in Sexy Lingerie to Send a Powerful Message (PHOTOS)

rachelle chapman boudoir shotsFive years after a harrowing accident that left her paralyzed from the neck down, Rachelle Chapman's still known to the world as the "paralyzed bride." But these days, more fitting labels might be "stunning wife," "beautiful new mom," and, yes, even "hot model," given the jaw-dropping boudoir photos she took earlier this month to launch an empowering campaign called "What Makes Me Sexy." 


She tells us exclusively:

When the injury happened, it took a blow to my self-confidence and to my sexuality. I identify with that part of myself, and I felt like it was gone.

So, stripping down to nothing but gorgeous lingerie and lounging in front of Revolution Studios's camera à la Marilyn Monroe was one way to retrieve that part of her self-image that had gone MIA. And it did. "It made me feel like me again," she confesses.

At the same time, the experience wasn't meant to simply boost Chapman's self-esteem. Her aim: To prove that disabilities don't have to keep you from feeling beautiful and sexy. "The photo shoot was for people who feel like they've lost their confidence or sexual identity [and] for the people out there who have misconceptions about disability," she shares.

Think it's safe to say that she can consider that mission -- accomplished. Chapman's hashtag "#WhatMakesMeSexy" has gone viral, attached to a bevy of photos on Instagram from other women inspired to talk about their own sexuality, self-image, and disabilities. To that we say: Bravo!

Check out Chapman's beautiful, bold photo shoot -- and how the author, public speaker, and advocate feels about "baring all" to the world.


Image via Revolution Studios

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