Turns Out Diet Soda Messes With Your Body in Just 1 Hour, Too! (GIFS)

woman drinking sodaYou might be thinking that just because you're drinking diet soda, you're doing something "good" for your body. Or at least not something bad, right? Well, not so fast. TheRenegadePharmacist.com is once again spoiling our fun by pointing out exactly what happens to your body within one hour of consuming a Diet Coke.


Just like with regular colas, the results are enough to make you swear off the fizzy brown beverages for good! Get ready to reach for your water bottles!

1. Within the first 10 minutes, phosphoric acid attacks your teeth's enamel at the same time artificial sweeteners, like aspartame, make their way into your system, tricking your taste buds into thinking you've just consumed some sugar. 

2. About 20 minutes after you've consumed your drink, the fact that you've caused your body to think it's processing sugar will trigger the release of insulin and send your body into fat storage mode. Yes, that's fat storage mode. AHH!

3. Around the 40-minute mark, the combo of caffeine and aspartame sparks a short addictive high much the same way cocaine does. At the same time, excitotoxins are released which can wear out your brain by overstimulating its neuroreceptors -- particularly if you consume diet colas on a regular basis.  

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4. Rather than hydrate your body, diet colas actually dehydrate you while providing no nourishment, so it's no surprise that after 60 minutes you'll find yourself hungry and thirsty all over again. 

When you think about it in these terms, it's pretty ugly. But, hey, we're sure in moderation, it can't be that bad ... Right?!


Image via Trevor Hunt/iStock

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