Blogger Told to 'Eat Less Cake' Fights Back With Tons of Sweet Selfies (PHOTOS)

cashmerette fat-shamed cakeImagine a stranger coming up to you and snidely noting that if you're planning on wearing a bikini, you need to "eat less cake." Outrageously rude, right? Well, that's what one commenter had the gall to post online to a curvy fashion blogger. And now Cashmerette and her supporters are taking a stand on fat-shaming and doing EXACTLY the opposite.


In case you haven't heard of Jenny Rushmore, aka Cashmerette, she's a super-cute sewing blogger in the U.K. whose Instagram tagline is "helping curvy women to sew."

I mean, seriously, who can fault that? It's pretty adorable.

But when Cashmerette recently posted a pic of some fabric she was excited to turn into a bikini, one random guy took issue with that. And said the aforementioned crazy-rude "cake" comment.

Why does the Internet make some people feel they've just been handed a "Bully" license?

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To her credit, Cashmerette took the high road. As a response, she uploaded a photo of herself swooshing around in a maxi dress and looking radiant. An aside in the caption breezily put that snarky commenter in his place.

Check it out:

We're always for #Cake. But knowing it's for a deliciously well-deserved cause makes it even better. #CakewithCashmerette has blown up on Instagram, with hundreds of the blogger's supporters around the world posting pics of themselves indulging in their fave dessert:


The epic bachelorette ended with what else but #cakewithcashmerette ?!

A photo posted by Cashmerette (@cashmerette) on

A photo posted by Cashmerette (@cashmerette) on

A photo posted by Cashmerette (@cashmerette) on

Even GUYS stood up and spoke their mind. (Or, well, stayed seated and ate something cake-like.)

A photo posted by Cashmerette (@cashmerette) on

If her commenter had ANY ounce of courage, now's the time they'd step up and post an apology. Maybe even an explanation. (Not to mention a pic of themselves eating cake, too.)

But this is the Internet, unfortunately. Where bullies can simply crawl back under a rock until their next victim comes along.

Still, there's an umistakably happy ending to this story, which has to do with body acceptance (curvy or skinny, seriously what does it matter?), a surge of popularity for Cashmerette, AND more cake for us all.


Image via Cashmerette/Instagram

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