Here's the Havoc Soda Wreaks on Your Body in Just 1 Hour (GIFS)

can of coke's impact on bodyIt's hard to resist ice cold soda. Especially when paired with pizza, fries, a juicy burger ... I could go on and on. But, sadly, is putting a damper on that craving with a sobering reality check: an infographic that illustrates exactly what one can of Coke does to our bodies in just one hour.


While the Renegade Pharmacist's breakdown is alarming, we thought we'd illustrate his points just to really drive 'em home ...

Are you ready for this?

1. Within the first 10 minutes, 10 teaspoons of sugar enter your system. Your body wants you to vomit, but you don't, because a substance in soda called phosphoric acid cuts the flavor, allowing you to keep it down.

2. As your blood sugar spikes, about 20 minutes post-swigging that cola, you can expect to feel a high-powered rush. Your liver responds to this by turning all that sugar into ... yep, you guessed it: fat.

3. Forty minutes in, your pupils begin to dilate as the caffeine absorption is complete. As if that wasn't enough, your blood pressure rises, too, and your liver dumps more sugar into your bloodstream.

4. After 45 minutes, your body increases its production of dopamine, that good old pleasure neurotransmitter. (This is just like heroin, by the way.)

5. At 60 minutes in, the phosphoric acid binds up valuable nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and zinc in your lower intestine. This is compounded by high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners boosting your urinary excretion of calcium.


6. Soon after the 60-minute mark, you'll find yourself running for the nearest bathroom thanks to the caffeine acting as a diuretic.

7. Also after 60 minutes, your sugar high will wear off, and you'll begin to crash -- quickly. You end up irritable and subdued and lacking all those nutrients that could've been put to better use.

Pretty eye-opening! As much as we might love this soft drink, these facts will definitely make us aware of the freaky changes we experience while sipping next time we indulge!


Image via EugenioMarongiu/shutterstock

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