This 'Human Barbie' Has a Heartbreaking Reason for Living Like a Doll (VIDEO)

amber guzman human barbieHuman Barbies are kind of like that new pizza with a crust made out of hot dogs. You can't help making that "ugh" face when you see a photo. That said, the newest "Human Barbie" is actually a woman with a chronic debilitating disease who's trying to make the most of her situation.


Amber Guzman, a 28-year-old from California, began experiencing weakness in her arms and legs at age 18, soon after she married her husband. She tells the Mirror:

I felt I was wearing a weighted body suit all the time. My joints were weak, and it felt like I had heavy weights on my arms and legs.

In fact, Amber got to the point where she needed help to get out of bed or off the toilet. Going up the stairs was increasingly difficult, as was swallowing food.

Doctors put Amber through a variety of tests before a muscle biopsy in 2012 revealed that she had muscular dystrophy, a genetic condition that progressively weakens the muscles.

At first, Amber says that diagnosis felt "like a death sentence."

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But one day, she had an epiphany -- and decided to make the best out of the devastating situation.

As she explains to the Mirror:

When I started seeing myself as a living doll who needs to be picked up all the time, it helps me to not be so sad and upset. I just see it as a transformation into the living doll. I loved Barbies so much as a child.

Because of Amber's teeny-tiny frame and surprisingly wide eyes, she pulls off the doll look quite well.

Yes, there's something undeniably sad about this (like Tim-Burton-should-make-her-life-into-a-movie sad), but her decision to find a silver lining to her medical condition is pretty amazing.

And it's paying off.

Since Amber's embraced her increasingly doll-like appearance, she's earned tens of thousands of online followers and gets fan mail every week. (She now also has two clothing sponsorship deals, which must surely help with medical bills.)

She hopes her videos help others understand that life CAN go on after a major diagnosis. And for that message alone, we think she IS the best Barbie -- human or plastic -- ever.

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