Woman Bullied for Flaunting Scars in Bikini Has the Perfect Comeback (VIDEO)

michelle elman When it comes to getting your body "bikini ready" for the summer, you need to make sure you have three things: a cute suit, some sunscreen, and a kick-ass sense of body confidence. And let your inspiration be Michelle Elman, who was bullied for showing her post-surgical scars in a bikini.


The young woman from London, who has endured more medical drama in her short 21 years than most of us can imagine, used to be afraid to rock a bikini. After 15 surgeries, a brain tumor, a punctured intestine, an obstructed bowel, a cyst in her brain, and having lived for the last 21 years with a condition called Hydrocephalus, she says her scars have always been "the hardest part."

Specifically, Michelle was fearful that the scars on her belly from various surgical procedures would make her an object of ridicule, something she's sadly familiar with.

She explains to Buzzfeed News:

At school, someone pointed at my scar on my chest and said my nipple was showing, and then when I told them it wasn’t a nipple, they teased me for having a third nipple. I’ve also had friends of the family when I was sunbathing tell me my scars will mean a boy will never be interested in me.

The experience made her never want to wear a two-piece again.

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So, we LOVE that despite her fear, Michelle -- who is now a body confidence coach -- recently posted a picture of herself on Instagram in a super-cute two-piece. She admits it was “one of the most difficult things” she had ever done, but also “one of the most liberating feelings to know that I wasn’t letting two pieces of material stop me from being comfortable in my own body.”

Check it out:

Inevitably, in the midst of all the well-deserved, positive comments she was getting, Michelle got harsh words from a troll about her weight:

Nothing wrong with wearing a bikini just because you have scars … however not when you are morbidly obese.

And she responded in the best possible way -- by posting this amazing video:

"Kiss my ass" and then, into the pool -- YES!

As long as Michelle's pairing that bikini with some sunscreen, she is bikini awesome in our book.


Image via mindsetforlifeltd/Instagram

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