10 Reasons to Be Proud of Your Glorious Stretchmarks (PHOTOS)

stretchmarksOccasionally, something happens to make us feel social media is more friend than foe. And today, that something is #ThighReading, the hashtag under which women are posting pics of their stretchmarks and their cellulite with pride.


It all started with a tweet. (Doesn't it always?)

Twitter user EMO SLUT proudly uploaded a pic of her thighs, joking that instead of a palm reading, it's a "thigh reading," and asking others to show off their own.

And oh yes, women did. Skirts lifted, sarongs undone -- apparently we've been waiting forEVER for a chance to get our stretchmarks out of hiding.

Check out some of the amazing responses:


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Still not convinced you should love and respect ALL those lines on your thighs? Here, 10 more reasons to totally convince you:

1. You've earned them. Many times, stretch marks appear in pregnancy or after an extreme weight loss. So, hell yeah, you DESERVE them!

2. They cost you nothing. True, you could slather yourself in expensive creams or pay for a laser treatment to TRY to make them go away, but wouldn't you rather buy a cute bikini?

3. The most beautiful bodies in the world have 'em. If Chrissy Teigen loves her "stretchies," we can too. (And Jessica Alba, and Alyssa Milano ... )

4. Feeling beautiful is empowering. When women embrace their bodies for what they naturally look like and WHY, they're absolutely stunning. If you haven't heard of the #LoveYourLines movement, you'll want to check it out ASAP.

5. Stretchmarks are "sexier than a six-pack." Remember the singer/musician/mom of four who was told she had a "perfect body?" And uploaded a selfie to the Internet, showing off her post-baby belly? There's perfect for ya.

6. Because you're not a bully. You wouldn't laugh or berate someone ELSE for having stretchmarks. (At least we hope not.) So why be so cruel to yourself?

7. They're just ONE part of your body. And most of it is pretty awesome, yes?

8. If YOU love how you look, others will, too. It's called confidence, people. Fake it till you make it.

9. Your sex life depends on it. No one wants to ALWAYS do it with the lights off. Ugh!

10. Your daughter's taking her cues from you, BTW. Help her grow up with as GOOD a body image as you can.


Image via pissedtbh/Twitter

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