Elle Macpherson's Secret to Looking Incredible at 51 Is Strange but Simple

elle macphersonFrom Demi Moore to Christie Brinkley, plenty of celeb moms are proving you can look awesome and be at the height of health in your 50s and 60s. And thankfully, many of 'em aren't shy about spilling how they do it. For instance: One of supermodel Elle Macpherson's secrets to staying so fit at 51 is what she keeps in her purse. No, not lipsticks, tampons, mints, or random trash her kids handed her. 


Turns out, she keeps a urine testing kit on her at all times.

Our first reaction: "What the ... ?!" But then, while looking at the Daily Mail's pictures of Elle, who is drop-dead gorgeous and still has legs up to her chin, our analytical brains kicked in.

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We must know what urine testing is.

Apparently, Elle follows an "alkaline diet" and constantly monitors the pH of her body. The lil' urine kit she carries can test if she's too "acidic," which Elle believes is the cause of many health problems.

That's actually TRUE -- not celebrity balderdash, according to Jason Nardi, DC, CFMP, a chiropractor in Clayton, North Carolina who specializes in functional medicine and nutrition. "Your body's pH is a standard indicator of health," says Nardi. "It's normally tested on routine urinalysis and blood work."

Just like Elle says, a low, or "acidic," pH indicates inflammation in the body, says Nardi. "When acid levels are increased, it tends to lead to problems."

An ideal pH, then, keeps everything working at optimum levels -- including your metabolism. "Metabolism has an impact on more than a person's diet," Nardi explains. "An altered metabolism changes the rate at which we age, and makes us more prone to diseases."

Apparently, testing your pH is as easy as buying some test strips online. (And then, you know, peeing on one and watching it turn colors.) Your ideal pH, says Nardi, is between 6.4 and 7.0.

(7.0 is the pH of water, FYI.)

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If you're serious about doing this for the long-term, not just a one-off party trick, "you'll need to measure your first-morning urine five days in a row," Nardi says. Remove the highest and lowest numbers, then average the remaining three.

So what happens if your urine IS above that ideal 7.0 mark?

"The acidity or pH of urine is directly affected by your diet," explains Sara Gottfried, MD, the New York Times bestselling author of The Hormone Reset Diet and The Hormone Cure. "For instance, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables are more likely to create an alkaline urine pH."

Some of Dr. Gottfried's other ways to boost your alkalinity (which we bet Elle follows, when she's not eating her new chocolate-flavored protein powder):

Stay away from grains. Most, including whole grains and brown rice, are in the acidic range.

Put the kibosh on condiments. Soy sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, even peanut butter -- all acidic.

Skip the sweeteners. Honey, acidic. Xylitol, acidic. Even beet sugar! The one sugar alternative that IS alkaline: Stevia.

Give up pretty much all beverages you drink. Coffee, alcohol, dairy -- all acidic.

Increase your beans and seeds. Navy and lima beans will boost your pH. Cumin, fennel, and sesame seeds are good, too.

And who says supermodels don't know anything? Thanks, Elle, for letting us know how important our pee REALLY is.


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