'Women's Running' Cover Featuring Plus-Size Model Wins a Round of Applause

erica SchenkSay "runner's body," and we picture the kind of compact, wiry, maybe lanky frame we see crossing the finish line first at a marathon. Well, it's time to rethink that stereotype, argue the editors of Women's Running magazine, which features a plus-size model on the cover of its August issue.


The cover shows real-life runner Erica Schenk in mid-stride. The 18-year-old New Yorker has been running for 10 years and is also a plus-size model, under the name Erica Jean.

cover of women's running

Inside, she talks about her love of running (of course) and models some cute plus-size sports gear. 

Reportedly, 67 percent of U.S. women wear sizes 14 and up, and, guess what, a lot of them do work out. And they want to look good!  

Look, not everyone's an ectomorph. And, sometimes, if you're on the larger and curvier side, it's easy to feel self-conscious at the gym or in exercise class. Sometimes, the embarrassment is so great that you'd rather just hide away. But ... that means you're not doing whatever exercise makes you happy -- be that SUP or sweaty yoga or barre or, yes, even running. 

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As Schenk told the magazine's editors:

Women of all sizes deserve to be praised for good health and have a presence in the media.

Some haters hated, of course, but others flooded social media with gratitude -- for showing a woman like them, and inspiring them to think they could actually try running. Verdict: So worth it. 

We say, "You go, girl!" Literally.


Images via curve_model/Instagram; Women's Running

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