Plus-Sized Models' Advice for Their Teen Selves Is Something We All Need to Hear (VIDEO)

jess vander leahy project women kindOne of these days, scientists (female scientists) will uncover the reason that once puberty hits, all women start hating their bodies. Until then, all we can do is commiserate with one another -- and try to stop the negative self-talk -- and that's where a new web series called #ProjectWomanKIND comes in.


Loathing our bodies seems to be hardwired into us. If you're rail-thin, you want curves. If you have boobs, you want them to Go. Away. We of the XX chromosomes are NEVER satisfied with every aspect of our appearance.

And that's the point of #ProjectWomanKIND, a series of interviews with plus-sized models that hopes to remind us all that we're more than what we see in the mirror. Because doesn't it make you feel better to know that every other woman on the planet, even drop-dead gorgeous ones, struggle with the same hateful self-talk YOU do?

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The one-on-one interviews aren't the pablum you sometimes get from models, who muse about being called "Green Bean" in high school or complain that being on airplanes for so long dries out their skin.

The models participating in #ProjectWomanKIND -- Jessica Vander Leahy, Olivia Langdon, Sophie Sheppard, Stefania Ferrario, and Margaret Macpherson -- aren't household names, but their insecurities surely sound familiar.

Things like, "Some days, I [think], 'What were you thinking, that you were pretty?!" And, "I still have days I don't like parts of my body."

It's part of, one model wistfully points out, "being a girl."

One of the most amazing parts is the models talking about what they'd tell their younger selves -- or future daughters.

For instance, Olivia Langdon, who looks like a curvier Claudia Schiffer, comes close to tears when asked what advice she'd give her imaginary 16-year-old daughter. She says:

I'll tell her she should decide what's beautiful.

And that instead of thinking "beauty" is what she sees on a magazine cover, "that she should trust herself and the body she has."

Check it out here:

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Are these message new? Well, no. But obviously, we STILL need to hear them because it's just not sinking in. Maybe if we show these interviews to our daughters and nieces and cousins who have yet to hit that Age of Bad Body Image, there might be hope for them.

As another model wisely points out, "[We should all] chill out. Life is long."


Images via projectwomankind/Instagram; Project WomanKIND/YouTube

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