Why Thinking You're Better Than Other People Has Its Perks (at First)

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"Narcissism" has been a (bad) buzz word for a while now. You're a narcissist if you care "too much" about your looks or think you're smarter than everyone else. It's NOT a compliment. Although! Being self-absorbed and arrogant DOES have its perks -- at first, at least.


Like so many personality traits, narcissism exists on a spectrum, with some people giving off the faintest whiff of entitlement and "better-than-you"-ism, while others exude it like too much Axe body spray.

If you're wondering where YOU fall on the spectrum, PsyBlog has a one-minute personality test you can take.

Be honest. And if you score on the high end of the spectrum, all is not lost. (Although if you're a true narcissist, you won't be upset in the first place.)

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See, despite their self-absorption and firm belief that they and their ways are superior, narcissists have a talent for drawing people in. In fact, research shows that they're considered more charming and likable -- at least upon an initial meeting.

If you're a narcissist, people dig your leadership and authority. They admire your sense of entitlement. Narcissists are also more likely to wear hip clothes, have trendy hair cuts, speak confidently, and have the ability to get an entire room rolling in laughter. They even use more charming facial expressions.

True, the downside to all this is that narcissism is rooted in low self-esteem. And um, once others figure that out, they're prone to finding other people to hang out with. Self-absorption can be draining, as any viewer of The Real Housewives can attest.

But a lot of narcissism is just bad habits that can be changed. You can train yourself to take other people's feelings and opinions seriously. And once you do, you'll be charming, generous, and funny -- for the long run.


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