Serena Williams & J.K. Rowling Join Forces to Destroy Body-Shamers Everywhere (PHOTO)

serena Williams Being body-shamed is never fun, but what if your hater got absolutely destroyed by one of the world's best-selling authors? That's exactly what happened when J.K. Rowling crushed a Twitter troll who tried body-shaming Serena Williams.


Take a look at the brilliant exchange.

J.K. Rowling initially took to the social media platform to rave about the Wimbledon champ ...


Then, someone who goes by the Twitter name @diegtristan8 wrote back to Rowling, "ironic then that main reason for her success is that she is built like a man." (The Twitter troll has now locked his account and all tweets are protected. Oh, you're going to need some protection, we'd think!)

Rowling was quick to volley back with this gem:

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Wow, imagine having the mastermind behind Harry Potter jump to your defense? Of course, anyone who's ever read even a paragraph of the series should know better than to mess with the woman behind Voldemort! This guy really had it coming.

But while it's completely awesome that Rowling put this jerk in his place, we wish it weren't so surprising. Wouldn't it be amazing if more women stood up for one another like this? Maybe it just takes the mistress of good-vs.-evil storytelling to remind us that coming to one another's defense in cases like this is always the right thing.

That said, Serena was perfectly capable of serving up her own smackdown. Seriously, look at her in this gown at the Wimbledon dinner, which definitely illustrates that old saying, "Looking fabulous is the best revenge."

serena williams wimbledon dinner

She looks like a fairy princess! If there's a man out there who thinks he can pull this off, we'd love to see him try! 


Images via Bigshots Photos; Splash News

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