Demi Lovato's Sexy, 'Body-Positive' Selfie Raises a Troubling Question (PHOTO)

demi lovato curvy selfieShe may be "cool for the summer," but Demi Lovato looks HOT in a new, body-positive Instagram post. The pop singer shared the pic, in which she looks relaxed and sexy in a romper and sky-high silver heels, over the weekend. The caption calls for "loving your curves," which sounds great ... but there's a catch.


Demi credits boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama with helping her learn to love her curvy figure. And inside, we're cringing.

Check out the full post:

Our first reaction is Awww. That Wilmer's a supportive boyfriend! But when we have another cup of coffee and think about it, we're more prone to thinking, "Ugh."

Not about their relationship, mind you. But about how much we women rely on the approval of others.

How many times have you hated a haircut, had misgivings about an outfit, or been convinced a pair of earrings were just not you when someone else -- your boyfriend, your best friend, hell, even a stranger -- complimented you on it and you thought, "Huh. Maybe they're right."

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The thing is ... Demi's been super-public about her struggle with bulimia. She began compulsively overeating as a child, then nearly stopped eating altogether when she hit the age of 12. In 2010, the 22-year-old singer spent three months in rehab to deal with her eating disorder as well as a scary habit of self-harming.

Since then -- like anyone who's had an ED can relate to -- she's had some setbacks. She confessed to Fitness magazine last December that she almost went back to rehab in 2013. "It's been difficult," she said. "I was obsessing over food and terrified of it at the same time. Wilmer noticed and called me out on it, which is a relief."

It's wonderful that she has his support. But in terms of what can make or break our personal body positivity, most of us care far too much about what other people think. And when you have an ED, that habit goes from being mildly irksome and sad to potentially dangerous.

Here's hoping Demi learns to love her OWN curves, even if Wilmer wakes up tomorrow and thinks she needs to drop a few pounds.


Image via ddlovato/Instagram

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