The Easy & Natural Birth Control Method We've All Been Waiting For Is Here

woman unhappy taking pillNo question: Birth control pills are a pretty damn good invention. Have sex without getting pregnant? Sure thing, thanks. But there is a cost. (Isn't there always?)

Depending on who you are and what pill you're taking, the price you pay could be anything from bloating to weight gain to BRAIN changes and pulmonary embolisms. Birth control pills aren't magic, FYI. They're synthetic hormones, and they can wreak havoc on your body.

But at long last: We might have a new birth control option that doesn't look like a condom. 


Or an IUD, which definitely has its perks but requires a long-term commitment. It's a ... diaphragm. Yes, that's right. A diaphragm. They're back, baby, and apparently better than ever.

If you were too young to watch Seinfeld and missed the classic ep where Elaine talks about her diaphragm falling out of her purse at a party, then let us cue you in: A diaphragm's basically a small silicone cup that sits over your cervix and blocks sperm. In other words, birth control you insert on demand.

The downside: They come in various sizes so you have to get fitted, which is sort of weird and inconvenient. (And probably explains why most women don't use one.) But a new diaphragm is on the market and promises to be way more, er, user-friendly.

Check it out.

caya birth control

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It's called Caya. (Add that to your list of names that provide NO clue as to the product they represent.) And it sounds like a redesign we'll all like. For one thing, it's one-size-fits-all. For another, it's got a little pull tab for easy removal.

Best of all, Caya is hormone-free. You learn to put it in and take it out, you're good to go. Sayonara, sensitive breasts, mid-month crying jags, and possible other nasty long-term side effects (like gallstones and quashed libido).

True, it's only 88 percent effective vs. the pill's 94 percent success rate. But if you forget to take your pill at the same time every day, or are taking medicine or herbs that interact with it, you're probably not getting that efficacy rate anyway.

So all that's left to do now is wonder: What other early '90s fads will make a comeback next? We hope not Furbies.

How do you feel about this as an alternative to your current method of birth control?


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