Your Most Ridiculous Diet Obsession Now Has Its Very Own Instagram (PHOTOS)

khloe and kendall kardashianThere are two types of carb-conscious people in the world. Type 1: People who just don't eat carbs. Type 2: People who TELL you that they're not eating carbs.


Guess who's more fun to eat lunch with? Now guess who's super-annoying. Peeps who fall into that second category either humble-brag about their carb-less lives ("Ugh, I'm sooooo hungry. I haven't had bread in like, a, week!") or, when they DO dare take an itty-bitty bite of a bagel, treat it like they've just had sex for the first time ("OMG! I can't believe I just did that!").

Super. Annoying.

If you're a nonbeliever, then obviously you have NOT heard about the new Instagram account called "Girls with Gluten." We could not make this s*** up.

Lucky followers -- and there are over 21,000 -- get to see big-name/thin-sized celebs like Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner bravely biting into carb-heavy foods like pizza, cinnamon rolls, and (gulp) pasta.

Women around the world are also taking selfies of themselves holding doughnuts, biting into cookies, or lustily eyeing rich pastries.

Check it out.

Notice that they're still photos, not video. Perhaps there's a chance these women are chewing, but not swallowing?

We suppose you could make an argument that #girlseatinggluten is empowering, enabling women everywhere to eat what they like. We're taking the tack that it's #annoying.

It reminds us of the first days of Facebook, when all anyone posted is what they had for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner.

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If no one SEES an image of you eating, is it just not worth it? Does your food not taste as good?

We're voting that this is just another bizarre example of our overdocumented lives. Oh, for a time machine to transport us 500 years into the future so we can be there as an archaeologist puzzles over why the heck women from the early 2000s kept photos of bagels and cupcakes on their phones.

Sorry, dude. We don't get it either.

Do you think this is annoying or empowering?


Images via girlswithgluten/Instagram

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