Blue-Eyed People Have 1 Worrisome Trait in Common

blue eyed womanBlue-eyed people have it rough. Their skin usually burns, not tans, for starters. Plus, studies have shown that blue-eyed people are more competitive and less agreeable than humans with brown eyes.


If you're also a redhead, you're reportedly more resistant to anesthesia and pain meds, which is a bummer if you need a root canal. And now comes even more bad news.

According to a new study published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics, people with blue eyes are also more prone to alcoholism.

To explain quickly -- and not just so we can finish guzzling our morning martini, FYI! -- when University of Vermont genetic researchers analyzed data of over 1,200 Americans with drinking problems, they found something odd: Alcohol dependency increased according to lightness of eye color. People with blue eyes were most likely to have alcohol problems.

Coincidence? Nope. Apparently, the genes that determine eye color line up with the genes related to excessive alcohol use.

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Researchers still aren't sure WHY, though, and cautioned that there are many other genes AND environmental triggers at play. In other words, just because your kid's blue eyed doesn't mean that she's destined to become a raving alcoholic once she goes off to college.

So, there's that.

Studies like this -- in which scientists announce they've found a bit of disturbing new data, which in turn raises a thousand NEW questions -- can be frustrating. How much should we worry? Because, you know, we like to make sure we have enough time.

On the other hand, every little bit of info helps. It raises our awareness and makes us more conscious of the lifestyle choices we make for ourselves and our family, right?

We call this the agreeable "brown-eyed girl" approach.

How much stock to you put in research like this? Have YOU seen a link between blue-eyed people and alcohol abuse?

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