The Secret to Eating Bread & Losing Weight Revealed -- Finally!

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You go out to dinner, and what's the first thing you're served? Bread. And if you're trying to lose weight, what do you NOT eat? Yep, that's right -- also bread. But according to a new study, you can lose weight and still have your ciabatta. 


Believe it or not, bread itself isn't the bad guy. But when you're eating it may contribute to weight loss woes.

The study, published in the medical journal Diabetes Care, was conducted by researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College who found that eating refined carbs on an empty stomach causes your blood sugar to rise -- as well as your appetite. In other words, by the time your entrée arrives, you're more hungry than you were BEFORE you had chewed and swallowed three helpings of paesano.

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Participants of the study were served grilled chicken, steamed veggies, and a simple salad. The first day, they were also given a ciabatta roll before their meal. (Fun study, right?)

The second day, the same meal was given, but the roll was offered at the end. When participants' blood sugar from both days was compared, the results were pretty interesting. Eating bread last translated into lower blood sugar levels -- about 30 percent less.

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That's a big difference, and not just for diabetics who need to carefully track their blood sugar. This applies to anyone who's struggling to lose weight and keep it off.

The takeaway? (Besides thinking, hmm, maybe we should all sign up our families for these trials when we don't feel like cooking?) No, perhaps we DON'T have to go hardcore paleo/gluten-free/carb-free. Eating a small amount of bread after dinner AND healthy weight loss/maintenance can go hand in hand.

At least, that's what we're going to tell ourselves until more research proves otherwise. 

(Insert "Have your bread and eat it, too" joke right about ... here.)

How might this research change how/when you eat bread?


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