What Guys Really Think About That Menstrual Cup (VIDEO)

LOLPervs sexperiment #17Ask any man to talk about periods and he'll probably cover his ears, make THAT face, or swallow bravely and try to engage when you can tell he's already mentally evacuated to his happy place. Most carriers of XY chromosomes just don't want to think about a monthly gushing of blood. And hey, we get it!


Which is what makes a new viral video about men and menstrual cups that much more hilarious. A group of comedians known as LOLPervs gave unsuspecting men a pink menstrual cup (unused, thank God), then asked them to look it over and identify what it is.

Yes, it's just as ridiculously funny as it sounds. Check it out.

HA! These poor guys never saw it coming. And such earnest guesses! A nasal aspirator for babies. A thing that helps women "pee like a man"? One guy seemed pretty confident that it helps women breastfeed their babies.

But the best part is when the host, Davison, who's kind of like a non-singing Zooey Deschanel without the glasses, reveals the truth. As a clue, she says: "I'm wearing it right now."

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Once the guys figure it out -- or well, are told -- you can see their eyes glaze over ever-so-slightly and those smiles become just a little more fixed. Inside, you know they're cringing. One guy even asks weakly, "Did I just put this up my nose?"

The good news? Now they'll be a little more prepared when their girlfriends send them on an emergency tampon run.

What do you suspect your man would say about a menstrual cup?

Images via LOLPervs/YouTube

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