Plus-Size Vlogger Reveals the Real Reasons 'Why Fat Girls Shouldn't Wear Bikinis' (VIDEO)

loey lanePlus-size vlogger Loey Lane is making headlines for her video entitled, "Why Fat Girls Shouldn't Wear Bikinis." Tongue definitely in cheek, she lists what she hears people say about larger women showing skin in their swimsuits.


She disproves the first comment -- that bigger girls don’t look good in their two-pieces -- just by standing there. (Wink.) She also notes that she often hears that she’s making people "uncomfortable" by wearing her suit. Further, she's promoting obesity. As she says:

Anyone who is fat and not absolutely miserable is [supposedly] promoting obesity.

Finally, she's found that her swimsuit-clad self seems to a lot of people to be a request for feedback -- usually nothing good.

Check out Loey's must-watch clip:

Watching her video, I so wish there had been voices like Loey's out there when I was in my 20s and 30s (of course, they didn’t have the Internet, much less YouTube, back then).

Society's view of what’s beautiful/"healthy"/acceptable can leave a lot of women feeling they don't measure up. I have spent my life battling with my weight -- whether it was so-called "normal" (but didn’t feel that way) or heavy (and, no, I've never been underweight!).

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Self-acceptance is key to living a healthy life. If you feel like your weight makes you repulsive, you’re not going to go for a walk or a swim or any other healthy behavior.

And that's why Loey's a positive role model for young women. She's not hiding; she's telling it like she thinks it is. She is comfortable in her own skin, size be damned, whether on the beach or off.

As far as I'm concerned, the whole debate about whether it's possible to be healthy at any size seems off-topic when it comes to this plus-size vlogger and her swimsuit. She is proving you can have a healthy mindset about your size, whatever it is.  

How do you handle unsolicited feedback about your body?

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