Call to End to Breast Cancer by 2050 Is Actually Making People Angry (VIDEO)

woman in exam room breast cancer nowIt should be what we ALL dream about: breast cancer being wiped off the planet by 2050. But when a U.K. charity recently launched an ad campaign suggesting that was entirely possible, some experts got ... upset.


And not upset as in "weepy at the joyful possibility of a cancer-free world." But upset as in finger-in-the-face "Oh, no, you DON'T!"

A nonprofit called Breast Cancer Now (which is kinda confusing -- shouldn't it be called Breast Cancer NEVER or Breast Cancer No More?) has released a short film, trying to draw attention to breast cancer and how crucial it is to raise more money so women will, you know, STOP GETTING IT.

The women featured in the film, which is called The Last One, have all dealt with breast cancer. In it, they admit that although they won't be the last one to go through tests or have a mastectomy or tell their families about their diagnosis, hopefully one day, "there WILL be a last one."

Yes, it's as heartbreaking as it sounds:


The campaign's hopeful that if we all pitch in (and we're talking to you, one-percenters) for more scientific research, then we really can eradicate breast cancer in the next 35 years.

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But according to The Daily Mail, some medical experts think being so pie-in-the-sky is a bad idea. Mainly because then women might not care so much about their health.

Complained one professor of oncology:

This [ad] should come with a warning attached. Women shouldn't think, 'I can stop going to the gym and eating sensibly because Breast Cancer Now is going to have drugs for it.'


Because that's what's going to happen. Women everywhere will watch this film and be like, "Eh. I can eat crap every day now and give up running. Hell, I don't even need to check my breasts in the shower anymore. Because even if I DO get cancer, there'll be a cure. In, um, 35 years."

That argument doesn't even make sense.

Of course, preventing cancer is still the best course to take. Lead a healthy life. Eat well. Keep your stress down. See your doctor regularly. And especially, dream big.

If you're that swayed after watching a one-minute short, then, well, we strongly encourage you NOT to vote in the 2016 presidential elections.

How do you feel about this charity's goal?


Image via Breast Cancer Now/YouTube

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