Stinky Fridge Responsible for Sending 11 People to the Hospital

fridge smell sends 11 to hospitalThis story will make you want to clean your fridge this weekend! Eleven people were taken to the hospital Wednesday afternoon due to a foul odor emanating from a refrigerator. Workers at the University of Kentucky's Dimock Animal Pathology building opened the fridge and immediately noticed a strong odor that ultimately made them ill. 


Scary, right? Firefighters evacuated and then closed the building as a precaution. Fire battalion chief Joe Best said people reported minor irritation to the eyes and skin as well as some nausea. 

So just what caused the smell that was powerful enough to make nearly a dozen people ill? University spokeswoman Kathy Jones said officials think the awful stench was caused by a chemical residue left behind by something that had been inside the refrigerator. Turns out the fridge was moved from another building Tuesday night but no one detected anything strange at that time. 

How frightening for those workers! You can't help but wonder what had been left in that fridge?

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Even if you're just storing the usual goods in your fridge, this makes you want to go through yours immediately just to remove any items that might have been lurking in there too long. And, ugh, you'll probably want to give the shelves a good scrubbing while you're in there!

The building has since been reopened and we hope everyone makes a quick recovery.

How often do you clean your fridge? 


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