Woman Goes Blind in 1 Eye After Contracting Flesh-Eating Bacteria From Mud (VIDEO)

flesh-eating bacteria in eyeMud runs are one of fastest growing trends in the fitness world. Participants sign up for races like the Tough Mudder looking for a challenge and to get a little down and dirty, but few would expect that they could potentially contract flesh-eating bacteria from the event. But that's exactly what happened to a young mom of two this past week.


After Brittany Williams, a young mom of two from Dallas, Texas, completed her first mud run this month, she noticed that her eye hurt, as though she had debris in it. The next morning, she woke up and found out she was blind in her left eye.

The culprit was the terrifying-sounding necrotizing fasciitis, or "flesh-eating bacteria." In Williams' case, she contracted the bacteria at some point during the race, and later "completely melted off" her eye.

The bacteria can spread quickly and kill the body’s soft tissue, including eyes. The infection is not generally spread from person to person and is usually treated by a combination of antibiotics and surgery. For about 20 percent of its victims, infection will be fatal.

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While this is a horrible ordeal for Williams, the positive news is that this kind of infection is incredibly rare, with only about 600 cases reported each year. To put that into perspective, 6,000 people per year go to the emergency room for pillow-related injuries in America, and more than 50,000 of us will be injured by jewelry. So, if you sleep on a pillow or wear a wedding ring, those are more likely to hurt you than the bacteria like Williams is fighting.

That said, the most frightening part of this debacle is what Williams confesses about her health insurance:

I've had health insurance before, and I never used it. I never went to the doctor, and I just spent lots of money for nothing. So I didn't see the point at the time when we couldn't afford it.

She now faces over $100,000 in medical bills, and claims to be struggling to find a doctor who will treat her without insurance. Her story serves as a sad reminder that one of the biggest risks you can take with your health is to be uninsured.

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How freaked out by infections like this do you tend to be? Does this make you rethink any "muddy" activities?



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