Woman Says Living in a Tiny 84-Square-Foot Home Saved Her Life (VIDEO)

84-square-foot houseOne woman in Olympia, Washington has given new meaning to the term "downsizing." When Dee Williams was 40 years old she suffered a heart attack and was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. Realizing her survival depended on making some significant changes, the Oregon resident sold her three-bedroom home and began living in an 84-square-foot would-be playhouse in her friends' backyard! 


What made her decide to make such a huge change? Williams said after repeatedly seeing the words "congestive heart failure," which often means a life expectancy of three to five years from diagnosis, pop up in her chart, the idea of maintaining -- and paying for -- a large home just didn't make sense to her. 

We can definitely see where she's coming from, but still, her entire home is now smaller than some kitchens! And yet, Williams is pretty sure this dramatic move is responsible for keeping her alive well-beyond what doctors expected! 

With only a $5-per-month utility bill and her cell phone to pay for, Williams has removed so much of the stress that surrounds life as an owner of a large home. She's also seriously pared down her belongings.

Let's be honest: There's a definite link between clutter and stress. For many people walking into room overflowing with items that need to be cleaned or organized can cause their blood pressure to skyrocket. 

In fact, researchers at UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families, found a link between women's stress hormone levels and a high density of household objects. That definitely makes sense to us.

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Of course, Williams is living there alone, which makes it simpler to simplify, if you will. This isn't an easy choice a family could make, but still, if it saved your life, or even made you happier day-in, day-out, you'd have to consider it, wouldn't you? 

Would you ever think about a significant downsizing if it would improve your health?  

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