Scary 'Collarbone Challenge' Goes Way Too Far (PHOTOS)

collarbone challengeUgh. Will these body-shaming tests never end!? Here's the latest craze -- the collarbone challenge. How do you play you ask? Grab some coins, fruit, or even, um, how do we say this, adult toys, and see how many your collarbones can hold. Say what? 


Supposedly the more you can fit, the thinner and sexier you are. How turning your clavicles into a veritable coin purse is sexy is beyond me. What's also kind of amazing is all the free time the people taking this challenge and posting their pics to Instagram must have. I'll admit, I'm kind of jealous. (Of all their free time, not the fact that they can keep their toll money in their orifices.) Take a look:


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 Fruit too? Really?

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OK, now we think you're just really bored...

Claire Mysko, program director for the National Eating Disorders Association, calls these challenges dangerous because they spark competition among people who may already struggle with body issues and disordered eating. Plus, it's just plain strange!

Will you participate in this challenge? 

Images @ Volodymyr Leshchenko/shutterstock 

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