The Scary Risks of Drinking Breast Milk as a Grownup Revealed

breast milk in bottlesBack in the olden days, the only people who drank breast milk were BABIES. Now, it's like the drink du jour. (Sorry, Starbucks.) People suffering from chronic diseases, body builders who want to inflate their muscles, creepy perverts who have don't-really-want-to-know-about-it fetishes ... they're all guzzling the stuff like there's no tomorrow.


And if they keep doing so, oops -- there might not be!

Adults drinking breast milk they bought online is a bad, bad idea, warn experts in the U.K. Plus, it might not even have all the benefits for grownups the Internet claims it does.

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Apparently, online forums and message boards are overflowing (excuse the pun) with info about how breast milk is the elixir of life, able to build muscles, brain power, and immunity, while fighting off deadly diseases.

But as Sarah Steele, PhD from Queen Mary University of London, pointed out in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, these benefits "do not stand up clinically." (Meaning: They're not true, y'all.)

And forget the claim that breast milk is a super food. It doesn't even have as much protein as cows' milk, Steele said.

What you ARE getting if you buy a few dozen ounces of (some) mother's milk online: bacteria. In one study, gunk was detected in 93 percent of samples. 

That could be due to anything from a lack of sanitation, to alcohol in the seller's milk supply, to someone mixing their breast milk with cows' milk.

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But that bacterial nastiness (which is not a scientific term, but totally fits) DOES up your risk of contracting some serious diseases like HIV, syphilis, or hepatitis.


Way to ruin the sweet idea of a loving mother nursing her baby, Internet. Why do we adults ruin everything?

Would YOU ever consider drinking breast milk?!


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