What 1,000 Women Love About Their Bodies (And You Should Too)

woman in fitting roomWe women are masters of multitasking, so it's no surprise that we can embrace two -- okay, sometimes 12 -- emotions at once. Take swimsuit season. We love finding the right bikini and hitting the beach. We just sometimes hate how we look once we get there.


And although we love our (insert your body part of choice here), we wish our (yep, here too) were more toned/longer/shorter/someone else's. But if you need proof your highly unpredictable body image is par for the course, look no farther than Refinery29's new survey.

The site surveyed 1,000 women about their bodies, and the findings were both predictably sad -- 80 percent occasionally avoided activities, because they felt self-conscious -- and inspiring: 54 percent admitted they are "mostly happy" with their body.

The most-loved body parts: eyes, legs, hair, breasts, butt, and smile -- which is pretty much everything except the torso that holds it all together!

Even so, a whopping 62 percent of women have been on a diet. 10 percent have tried 15 or more. Even more heartbreaking? 70 percent of those women dieted before age 13.

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In what's probably the most striking part of the survey, women were asked to describe a "bikini body." The words they chose included "models," "flat," "perfect," and "wish."

But the words they used to describe their OWN bodies weren't nearly as nice. Think "obese," "plump," "ugly," "okay," and "big." There were a few brave compliments like "beautiful," "strong," and "curvy," but we're guessing they were in the minority.

"Why don't these words match?" Refinery's writers ask, before reminding readers, "It's your body. It's your summer. Enjoy them both."

It's a great message, but as we all know, one that's hard to implement. We're constantly bombarded with images of fashion models and celebs who work out 18 hours a week and have on-call aestheticians. AND we live in a society that spends a hella lot of time rating/judging women. It's kinda tough to say f*** it and relax on the beach in a bikini.

We're too busy comparing and criticizing ourselves to just be grateful for the body we have. However, since we ARE so good at multitasking, it certainly can't hurt to keep trying.

What do YOU love most about your body?


Image via iStock.com/gilaxia

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