This Woman's Mammogram Cost Her a Job

woman getting a mammogramHaving a mammogram is stressful. Not only do you have your boobs mashed between heavy X-ray plates, but you have to wait long, agonizing days before you finally get the results. It's no one's idea of fun, but it's crucial to do -- especially if you find a lump in your breast and are freaking out that it's cancer. That's what happened to a Pennsylvania woman who is now facing unemployment ... because she got a mammogram.


There is so much wrong about this story.

Jamie Crytzer of Mercer County, Pennsylvania used to work at a local restaurant called the Hickory Grille. (Although so far it's not clear what, exactly, she did there.) When Jamie recently found a lump in her breast, she asked her manager for time off for a mammogram. The powers that be agreed.

Then an earlier appointment opened up while Jamie was at work. We've all been there. Suddenly, your doctor's office calls and you learn there's been a cancellation right now. You either drop everything and go, or wait 2+ more weeks.

Unfortunately, Jamie's manager was not so understanding. Jamie was told she couldn't leave and if she did, that it would be considered "job abandonment."

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She left anyway. (And in our minds, we envision her as a server, calmly taking off her apron, handing over her ticket book, and saying something about where her manager can stick his hickory-grilled meat while all the diners nod their heads approvingly and applaud.)

But alas, Jamie was fired the next day. The good news? The lump in her breast was benign.

And we think there's even more good news in that she's kind of a role model for all of us. Jamie followed her gut instinct. She prioritized her health. She took care of herself even though it was inconvenient. How many times do we put ourselves dead last?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, figure out the ratio that your kids go to the pool/park to play vs. how many times each week YOU get to the gym.

It sucks that Jamie lost her job. But we admire her for having such a strong sense of self -- and bet future employers will, too.

And to Jamie's former manager, we give YOU a huge eyeroll for being incredibly thoughtless over a potentially life and death matter.

How SHOULD this situation have been handled?


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