5 Jaw-Dropping Things We Can't Believe Guys Don't Know About Periods (VIDEO)

man periodsSo just what happens when you ask six random men about menstruation? You'll get a little bit of awkwardness, a lot of laughs, and hopefully, a bit more understanding and awareness. In a video created by  the charity Plan U.K. and V. Point News, six guys were asked a variety of questions about periods and women's sanitary products. Can you guess how these fellas fared?  


They struggled! Take a look: 

Enlightening, right? For both these guys and women watching! On its YouTube channel, V.Point News explains the purpose of the piece: 

Half of the world's population goes through menstruation at some point, yet periods remain a taboo topic for most people.

It seems like these guys learned a lot and were pretty good sports about their prior lack of knowledge. Let's take a look at some of their misconceptions:

1. What Are Menstrual Cups?

In their defense, menstruation cups aren't a widely-advertised option in the U.S. But other than that, were you surprised by how little they seemed to know?

One fella said it looks like something the doctor checks your ears with! We suppose it makes sense considering they don't use the products. But still, this is good information for men, particularly single dads, to have at the ready. And it's great to remove an embarrassment associated with talking about periods!

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2. How Does a Tampon Work?

Wasn't it a hoot watching these guys simply attempt to free a tampon from the plastic applicator? The process had one guy likening the whole business to rocket science.

3. How Do You Insert a Tampon?

Another highlight came as the men try to figure out just what you'd actually do with a tampon. After reading the insertion instructions, which advise standing with one leg one a toilet seat, one guy laughed and quipped, "Who needs yoga class? Don't worry. I'm just on my period!"

4. The String Just Dangles?? 

They also seemed perplexed by the fact that a tampon string just "dangles" -- yes, that is just another oddity about the whole business!

5. How Often Should You Change a Tampon? 

And how about when they reveal how often they'd change a tampon? Yikes!! One fella readily admits he'd be "disgusting" as a girl.

As funny as parts of this video are, it was great to see the men process the fact that yes, your period still happens overnight (!!) and that, yes, we do often walk around with the fear of getting "blood everywhere."

At the end of the video, one man says, "What's the big deal. It's natural." Exactly! Maybe starting a dialogue like this will remove some of the stigma that's often associated with talking about menstruation.   

Does the guy in your life know a little or a lot about periods?

Image via V.Point/YouTube

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