Sofia Vergara Reveals Secret to Her Hot Body & Refuses to Feel Guilty About It (VIDEO)

sofia vergara
It's no secret that heads turn and jaws drop when Sofia Vergara enters a room or even appears on the big or small screen. So just what's the gorgeous Modern Family star's secret to looking so flawless? The busy working mom, who's engaged to hunky Joe Manganiello, spills her secrets and they're delightfully down-to-earth and delicious! 


The actress, seen recently working her comedic wiles to full effect alongside co-star Reese Witherspoon in the film Hot Pursuit, believes in enjoying everything in moderation. But at the same time the 42-year-old confesses to having a rapid sweet tooth.  

We knew she had to have some tricks up her sleeve when it came to maintaining that figure! Check out what else the Colombian stunner has to say about living the "sweet" life: 

It's refreshing to hear that she's not spending hours upon hours in a gym or skipping the sweet treats she loves. And when she says she eats when she feels happy or sad -- who can't relate to that? 

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We also love this bit of advice Vergara offers to busy moms: delegate! Find people you trust and then allow them to take some things off your plate so you don't feel as stressed. Though her son, Manolo, is 22, we can only imagine how challenging it must have been for the actress to get her career off the ground with a little guy to care for!

Plus, let's face it: Trying to handle everything yourself is exhausting and that can wreak havoc on your looks. Feeling tired and overwhelmed shows on your face and definitely doesn't help you look your very best.

Lightening your load by delegating responsibilities can take a lot of the pressure off and leave you with more time to take care of yourself. And speaking of looking your best, we definitely got a kick out of the Cover Girl spokeswoman saying it would be nearly impossible for her to choose just one cosmetic. But if granted two, her must-haves make complete sense: mascara to darken her naturally-blond lashes and lipstick, which she'd also use as blush in a pinch. Pretty clever! 

What's your secret to living the "sweetest" life possible? 


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