See If You Need to Lose Weight -- Take the Belly Button Challenge!

belly button challengeThink you're up for a challenge? This isn't your ordinary word problem or riddle! No, ma'am! This new endeavor may actually prove to be quite a stretch -- literally. The Chinese Belly Button Challenge is taking the world by storm and while it sounds simple enough, for some, it's anything but!


What it involves is reaching one arm around your back in an attempt to reach your belly button. Think you're ready? OK, on the count of three. One ... stretch that arm to make it as long as possible. Two ... take a deep breath like you're about to go under water for 30 minutes. And three ... reach!! 

Can't do it? Don't feel badly, plenty of people can't either! Of the women we polled, only one met the challenge. At 5'4" and 115 pounds, she said, "I thought this would be easier for me -- I could just barely do it. I mean, my belly button is right there, you know? I bet it would be easier if I'd done a bunch of arm stretches beforehand. Maybe I need to go back to doing yoga again."

Some weren't surprised they failed this "test" as they didn't think they were that flexible to begin with. One gal who didn't quite "rise to the challenge," was taking it in stride and joked, "I think in the U.S., if you can touch your toes, you're golden." 

But some were upset they couldn't do this seemingly-simple wrap-around. One woman who is 5'6" and 132 pounds had this to say, "I was surprised … I'm a size 2-4, for crying out loud!"

So it seems like there's really no correlation between being slim or fit and being able to do this funky contortion, but it's still fun to try!

Did you take the Chinese Belly Button Challenge? If so, how did you do?

Image © justinrossward/shutterstock & @shanghaidaily/Twitter

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