Weight Loss Expert Takes Aim at Tess Holliday, Saying You Can't Be 'Gorgeous & Fat'

Tess Holliday model

Plus-size pin-up Tess Holliday is all about empowering women to love themselves -- and their bodies -- no matter what size. It's too bad not everyone can get on board with that positive message. The size 22 model who recently graced the cover of People has just been fat-shamed by weight loss expert and hypnotherapist Steve Miller, who asserts that it's "ludicrous" to think you can be "gorgeous and fat."


Oh, no, he didn't! Oh, yes, he did and it gets worse! Miller actually accuses the 29-year-old mom of attempting to "normalize obesity." He says:

The last thing we want to see is a plus-size American barging into UK shores showing us how it's cool to eat junk, eat huge portions and love your fat.

And he didn't stop there! No, ma'am, he had the nerve to take aim at Holliday's 844,000 Instagram followers, stating:

Of course she is bound to boast so many followers because there are sadly a lot of fat women out there who are in denial about the dangers of being too fat.

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Wow. Just wow! Seriously, how rude can one person be?! But Holliday, who hails from Mississippi, is no stranger to this sort of ignorance. The 5'3" powerhouse had to overcome tremendous amounts of bullying growing up but always believed in herself. It probably comes as no surprise that she wasn't readily accepted in the modeling world either. Yet she didn't allow it to stop her from pursuing her dreams.

To us that certainly sounds like one heck of a role model! Just imagine how many young girls who aren't reed-thin probably feel a little bit better about themselves after seeing a larger lady land a magazine cover? 

We get that Miller doesn't want to see people binge-eating to the point of illness but, still, he's way out of line. Holliday glows with confidence and that's prettier than a size 2 any day. 

Are you glad to see a plus-size model on a magazine cover? 

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