Woman Gets the Best Revenge on Ridiculous Suitor Who Body-Shamed Her

christina topacioNo matter how common it is these days, going online to meet your match means opening yourself up to not just the possibility of falling in true love but to encountering unfathomable jerks. Christina Topacio, a Los Angeles-based marketing professional and blogger, knows this all too well.


Topacio's making headlines for tweeting about her experience with one rude dude in particular who she met through a dating website. Six months after they chatted initially, but never met up in person, he reached out to her again (blame Mercury retrograde) and prefaced his texts by warning her that he was going to tell her "something that might make you never wanna talk to me again. But I wanna tell you anyways." (Is this guy's real name Kanye? "I'mma let you finish ...")

Curious about whatever can of worms he was hoping to open, Topacio gave him the green light, and he texted:

…you are so beautiful. Your personality is so hilarious. I can tell you're witty. I can tell your smart. I can tell [you're] just pure fun and comedy. I would seriously consider dating you. Getting to know you. Everything. ... But you know what? And it fucking kills me to say this …

But then ... he got to his disgusting point.

O ... M ... G. 

I wish I could say I was more surprised, but the truth is that when I was online dating, I had a similar run-in with a self-important megalomanical tool just like this. He grilled me with Qs like, "Do you work out? How often? Do you consider yourself fit?" and when I naively and far-too-nicely responded with honesty that I try my best to strike a work-workout-life balance but wouldn't consider myself "athletic" necessarily. He responded that he was "looking for the whole package, so thanks but no thanks."

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Then, the jerkbag proceeded to lecture me in a way that wasn't nearly as foul as Topacio's attacker, but still felt obnoxious and insane.

Where do guys like this get off? I may be especially sensitive, but I'm of the belief that not even someone who knows you very well -- a best friend, a sibling, an in-law -- has the authority or grounds to tell you that "you need to f**king lose weight." Let alone someone who doesn't know you at all -- and thus has absolutely NO clue about your actual health challenges (or lack thereof). Not to mention someone who has only ever seen what you look like online!

Thankfully, Topacio had the BEST response of all time to shut down this jackass. Check it out.

YES. I've never seen anyone look healthier, happier, glowier, or more gorgeous with their damn delicious bowl of Chipotle goodness!

As if that wasn't rewarding enough, the cowardly bastard backtracked once his texts went viral, obviously hot for 15 minutes of fame.

So pathetic.

Thankfully, Topacio has an amazing attitude about the eye roll-inducing incident, telling PEOPLE:

My story is not a new story, this happens to women constantly. I'm just happy to have been given an opportunity to share my personal experience in hopes that it empowers women to shut it down and ultimately say, f---- the rest – I'm beautiful, I'm strong, I'm powerful, I'm 100 percent me.


Have you ever been fat-shamed by someone you were considering dating? How did you handle it?


Image via Christina Topacio/Twitter

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