The Real Cause of Teen's Swollen Eye Will Horrify Any Mom (VIDEO)

worm in boy's eyeThis story is not for the squeamish! A 17-year-old boy arrived at a hospital in Peru complaining of a swollen eye. But what doctors discovered was the cause is so much more frightening than your typical case of pink eye. Are you sitting down? A worm measuring three centimeters (almost an inch and a quarter) had been living in the teen's eye for a month! 


Doctors were able to diagnose the problem thanks to an MRI scan. So just how did it get in there? They believe an insect laid its larvae in the boy's eye. And how they lured the worm out is almost as bizarre as it being there in the first place. 

Ophthalmologist Caroline Marchena used basil leaves to attract the creepy creature and then plucked it out with a pair of tweezers. Watch the video if you dare! 

Marchena believes the procedure was performed in the nick of time as the worm posed a serious risk to the teen’s health because of swelling near a sensitive part of the face that can ultimately lead to a brain infection. She explained:

The location of the worm from the lower lid, which was getting bigger, made the risks increase because the youth's tissue was swelling in an area close to the sinuses that's close to the delicate part which is the triangle of death (also known as the danger triangle of the face).

Can you imagine the horror and relief this boy and his family must have felt? It's amazing that he's alright and didn't suffer any lasting injuries from this freak occurrence. 

This will definitely make you think twice the next time you think something has flown into your eye, am I right? 

Have you ever had to seek treatment for something stuck in your eye? 

Image via YouNews/YouTube

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