Melissa Joan Hart Shows Off 40-Pound Weight Loss in Swimsuit Photos

melissa joan hartWhile soaking up the sun in Miami this weekend and celebrating her sister's bachelorette party, actress and mom of three Melissa Joan Hart rocked a solid green one-piece swimsuit and looked amazing. But it wasn't magic that helped the former Teenage Witch shed 40 pounds -- it was NutriSystem. Take a look at the svelte mama!


Looking cool and confident, the 39-year-old danced the night away with her mom and sis. The star, who, with her husband, Mark Wilkerson, launched the children's clothing line King of Harts, says losing the weight helps her live the life she loves:

Just staying in shape and staying fit is so important in my life just because of all the things I wanna do…I'm very proud of myself.

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She should be proud! She looks fantastic and we're pretty sure staying fit must be a huge help when it comes to keeping up with her three sons -- all under the age of 10! 

With the Bride-to-Be @trishalhart! #ThatsWhatSheSaid #bachelorette

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Plus, a family wedding is a great impetus for getting in shape! Who doesn't want to look their absolute best when you know those pictures are going to be on display for years to come?! Good for her and we can't wait to see the wedding photos!

How do you think Melissa Joan Hart looks? 

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