15 Thrilling Ways to Use Your Body Before It’s Too Late

trapeze woman

Is there a feat of physical greatness you dream of performing? Or would you feel absolutely heroic if you could just walked a few more steps every day? We asked people of all fitness levels about their "active woman" bucket lists, the goals they dream of accomplishing -- or are proud of already accomplishing.

  • 12-Week Strength Training Program


    I'll begin with my own personal goal: After dabbling with weights for a few months, I've buckled down and started a 12-week strength training program, three days a week. I've done a lot of cardio in the past couple weeks and felt like I needed a change -- and I also wanted to get stronger and try something new. I'm halfway through and love it so far.

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  • Hot Yoga


    "I would love to work back up to doing hot yoga twice a week. I did it like four years ago and was never in better shape!" -- Mary H, Connecticut

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  • Aerial Arts/Trapeze


    "I want to learn aerial arts -- the trapeze! Sarah Sophie Flicker of The Citizens Band sparked my interest. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone as well." (Flicker performs aerial arts in The Citizens Band, a political cabaret troupe.) -- Carissa B., Portland OR


  • Roller Blade With My Daughter


    "I have vowed this summer to get into roller blades and take my daughter roller blading. Back in college, I lived in roller blades and loved them, only I figured once I was a mom I shouldn't be doing stuff like that. But I took my daughter ice skating and caught the bug to go blading, so I'll take her this summer and get back into a workout that I loved in college -- hopefully with my daughter right behind me." -- Judy D., Brooklyn NY

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  • Daily Lovemaking


    "Making love to my husband every day for a month! I like the idea of having fun and doing something different to bring us closer together. I read about [the challenge of having sex every day for a month] in a magazine and couples said it was a fun adventure to take on. Making intimacy a priority and trying something new sounds fun!" -- Liz F., Arizona 

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  • Run a 5K

    "My dream is to one day run a 5K. I know that's not too far, but for me, it's like running to Australia! I'm considering getting that C25k (The Couch to 5K) book, but I'm scared to begin!" -- Liz A, New Jersey
  • Chest Press & Core Fitness


    "I would like to chest press as much or more than Michelle Obama. (She's seen in a recent Let's Move video doing 70 lbs. I can currently do 50-55!) I want to have an undeniably strong core (via pilates and similar) so as to avoid further back pain!

    And I want to be fit enough when I get pregnant that I have a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and it's easier to get back into my fitness routine (sans back pain!)." -- Maressa B., New Jersey

  • Bike 200 Miles Over 2 Days


    "I want to do the Seattle to Portland bike ride. It's 200 miles over two days. I did it in 2010, and I am signed up to ride it again this year. My bucket list fitness item is to bike all the way across the country. I don't know when that will happen."

    My pimary motivation is to stay physically fit. Secondary is to lose weight. I do those through biking because that is the activity that, for me, has the best combination of enjoyment, effectiveness, and easy to do." -- David O., Portland OR

  • Yoga Goals


    "I'm working on improving my upper body strength to do yoga headstands positions." -- Sanura, Brooklyn NY

    "I'm diabetic, and I've heard that yoga is super awesome for diabetics! Also, after being overweight for so long (my top weight was 460 pounds), my joints are bad. No surprise there! So I'm hoping yoga will help tone me up, help my circulation, and relieve some pain in my poor overworked joints!" -- Wynter K., Minnesota

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  • 15 Minutes at the Gym


    "Once I got pregnant, I quit my gym membership but recently started it back up. My goal was to go swimming with my kid every weekend -- good practice for her, and good exercise for me! I also vowed to hit the gym for at least 15 minutes before I pick her up from after-school on weekdays. By the end of the day, I'm often pooped and it's so tempting to just not go, but that's why I promised to just go for 15 minutes, even if it's just to walk on the treadmill. Typically I end up running for 30 and am always very glad I go. It's done wonders for my peace of mind." -- Judy D., Brooklyn NY 


  • 126-Mile Fundraising Walk


    "I did a 126-mile fundraising walk. We basically walked a marathon every day. It was amazing. I just wanted to see if I could do it. It felt like a major challenge. Also I was bored at the time, so training filled my spare time. 

    When I was lifting really seriously, I shot for a 350 leg press and got it. I used to work out at the football players' gym at my big 10 university, and they would bench press 350, and kind of give the rest of us crap for how little weight we could lift. I've always had really strong legs, so I wanted to see if I could leg press the same weight just to show them. I did. They stopped making fun after that." -- Jenn C., Brooklyn NY


  • Annual Half Marathon


    "I ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon for the third year in a row!" -- Dara F., Brooklyn


  • Olympic Distance Triathalon


    "After reaching 211 pounds by 38, I dropped to 165 pounds. I completed my first Olympic distance triathlon, first marathon, and first 28-mile trail race since turning 40. In Zion National Park, I have run from the trail head to the top of Angels Landing and observation point. New goals: successful completion of Imlay and Heaps Canyon.

    I want to get healthy and to go to beautiful places that required work to get there. I wanted off the beaten path." -- Adrian H., Denver CO


  • Do the Splits


    "I want to learn to do a pull-up some day or do the splits. I just want to be able to do things. Push my limits. Feel good about my accomplishments and let the other health benefits follow as perks." -- Kaci C., Arizona