10 Secrets Your Facebook Updates Reveal About You

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There are two kinds of Facebook users. The ones who hate it but use it here and there anyway. And the peeps who upload a photo of every meal they eat and of their cat getting a bath. What you may not know, though, is what you do decide to share tells your Facebook friends an awful lot about your personality, your life, and your emotional well-being. Say what?!

Click through the slideshow to learn what your Facebook posts are really telling people about your personality and offline life. Your secret's not so safe with Facebook!

Will #5 make you rethink what you post next about your kids?


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  • You Have Low Self-Esteem


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    When you post on FB about the two extra minutes your man let you sleep in this morning, the message you want to send is: "Romance!" But the one being received is, um, "Low Self-Esteem." U.K. researchers found that when people feel shaky about their relationship, they're more likely to post about it -- a LOT -- to try to make themselves feel better.

  • You Crave Attention


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    Everyone's got a friend on Facebook whose life seems like one amazing achievement after another. But people who are all about their accomplishments are likely self-involved narcissists, according to new research. They crave attention -- lots of it. (And unfortunately, the more "likes" and positive comments they receive, the more they'll post.)

  • You Need a Pat on the Back


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    You're SO excited that you finished a 5K, finally paid off your house, or got a promotion. These are BIG things, sure. But people whose posts are mostly about their accomplishments aren't just sharing with friends, but looking for praise and attention.

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  • You're a Political Party Animal


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    If you update frequently on FB, it doesn't matter whether you're Republican or Democrat. Either way, you're over two times more likely to attend a political rally or meeting. There's also a nearly 60 percent chance you'll persuade someone on their vote in an upcoming election.  

  • You're Responsible, Hardworking or ... Competitive


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    Are you guilty of posting EVERY hilarious thing your toddler has said? (And your toddler is now in middle school?) Posting so much about your offspring IDs you as a conscientious person. Or, according to a another not-so-flattering theory, you're just competitive with other parents.

  • You're Curious About the World


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    If your posts are less about "liking" a brand of green beans so the manufacturer gives you a coupon and more about the earthquake in Nepal and what we can all do, there's a label for you: "Intellectually curious." For you, FB is about exchanging info rather than socializing.

  • You Have Lots of Friends Offline


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    So you know all those photos you tag on FB? According to the Pew Research Center, the more you tag, the more people with diverse backgrounds you're probably friends with. AND the more "real" friends you're likely to have offline.

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  • You're Feeling Blue


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    Having a HUGE number of friends on Facebook might be good for your ego, but it's not necessarily a good thing. According to Madrid researchers, reading about other people's happy lives can lead us to constantly compare ourselves -- and eventually lead to depression.

  • You're Feeling Lonely


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    Updating your FB status a LOT, even if people aren't necessarily commenting or "liking" your updates, could keep you from feeling lonely and disconnected, according to psychology researchers in Berlin. Apparently, thinking about your target audience -- ie, your friends -- is enough to help you cope with the isolation you feel.

  • You Are Loved (or Not)


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    Hint: Want to know who your FB friends really are? Pay attention to who "likes" your next whoops-I-shouldn't-have-said-that post. Typically, only close friends show support for a braggy, self-important update -- even if they secretly think you're being a jerk. Your not-so-tight friends will ignore it (and eventually hide your feed or defriend you).

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