Not Just for Kids Anymore: Pedialyte Will Cure Your Hangover, Company Says


If you've got a rip-roarin' night out planned and you know you'll be feeling it the next morning, there may be something other than the ole hair of the dog that'll help you get your groove back. That's right, you can put away your Bloody Mary mix and raid your kids' medicine cabinet instead. Pedialyte is now being hailed as a hangover helper.


The makers of the rehydration liquid that comes in yummy fruit flavors and was previously marketed as a remedy for sick kids are now going after an older audience. Can't blame 'em, I suppose.

The new campaign, 'See the Lyte,' pretty much says it all:

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But apparently, this concept isn't so new to some die-hard partiers. Take a look: 

No surprise here:

You have to admit it's definitely clever marketing and a good way for the drink to stay relevant once cold and flu season has passed. Let's just hope diaper-makers don't get into the act and we're being told to put on a Pull-Up under our Spanx for Girls' Night Out. That's where we draw the line when it comes to cocktailing and kids' products. 

Have you ever tried Pedialyte to cure a hangover? 

Image © Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley/shutterstock

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