New Personality Type Revealed: Are You Really an Ambivert?

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You've probably heard about or taken one of those personality tests to find out you're one of two main personality types: introverted or extroverted. Introverts spend a lot of time inside their heads and relish time alone, and extroverts are super-social, outgoing peeps who dig making things happen. But hold the phone, pop-psychology friends. New research shows that there's actually a third personality type. And there's a quick, brand new quiz to find out which of the THREE types you really are.


It's true. Along with an introvert or extrovert, you can also be an "ambivert," which is a little bit of an introvert, a little bit of an extrovert. The best of both worlds, you could say. Or well,like to say, because apparently, that's what I am. 

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And how do I know? By taking a super-fast one-minute quiz over at PsyBlog that determines your personality, then explains how, exactly, these particular traits affect the way you move through the world. For instance, they say ambiverts "have the tendency to be assertive and enthusiastic enough, but also to have the ability to listen carefully to others." That can be the best of both worlds!

(The trick is to answer the 10 questions honestly -- not according to the way you wish you would act.)

Regardless of whether you're more comfy telling jokes at a party or reading alone at home -- or reading alone at home after yakking it up at a party --  there's no "bad" personality to have, after all.  

Take the personality quiz and find out who you are!

Are you an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert?


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