​Kesha Reveals the Hard Choice She Makes Every Day to Stay Out of a 'Dark Place'

kesha It's been over a year since Kesha sought treatment for an eating disorder, and the 28-year-old pop star is now speaking out about that challenging time in a candid Vogue interview.


After toning down her look from raver chic to much more au naturel, the healthier, happier singer-songwriter says:

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. It’s been quite a journey. I went to a dark place. There was a lot of not eating. ... I started to think being hungry to the point of feeling almost faint was a positive thing. The worse it got, the more positive feedback I was getting. Inside, I was really unhappy, but outside, people were like, ‘Wow, you look great.’

Ugh. That sounds like a frightening battle so many women -- whether they're in the spotlight or simply getting "likes" on social media -- find themselves faced with.

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She elaborated:

I was singing these songs like ‘We R Who We R’…But I was sad and [I wasn’t eating]. That’s not good for your body, metabolism, or brain. I talked to my therapist, and she said, ‘I think it’s time we take a moment to address this.’ I called my mom one night and I told her, ‘I need help.’ I went to an eating-disorder specific rehab site where a nutritionist taught me that food is a positive thing for your body. I realized being healthy is the most important thing I can do for myself. Now, I’m trying to embrace the skin I’m in. ... This is who I am. I have to love that.

Amazing. And so forthcoming. You can't help but admire her candor. Especially given that it's an ongoing, daily battle for Kesha, who admits "it's difficult," but every day she chooses to "make the choice to be kind" to herself. YES.

We're all a work in progress, and that's okay. All that matters is that you're doing all you can to choose to love yourself and take care of yourself. Kesha couldn't have addressed that any more beautifully.

So glad she's on the mend and passing along these possibly painful but honest words of wisdom, as I'm sure there are many out there who admire how she's learning to love herself -- and in turn, be inspired to love themselves more, too.

Do you feel like you make the conscious choice daily to "be kind" to yourself?

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