Juliette Lewis Looks Hot & Strong in Stunning ‘Lightweight Bodybuilder’ Selfie (PHOTO)

juliette lewis

As far as I'm concerned, strong is hot. And you'll see no better example of that than this sizzling shot of Juliette Lewis showing off her "lightweight bodybuilder" physique. Dang, can I please have whatever she's having?


Is Lewis actually crowing while flexing her muscles? Kinda looks that way -- and who can blame her? Not me. I'd be crowing, too, if I looked like that.

Clearly Lewis has been putting in some serious time and sweat at the gym. Her arms and shoulders look phenomenally cut. Well done lady! And her abs are quite chiseled, as well. Note that they are not concave, or even flat. Why not? Because. Muscles.

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I've been on a strength training program for the past five weeks and this is just the inspiration I need. Because when you're pushing and lifting and sweating with all your might it helps to visualize the results you're after. I'm a long, long ways from guns like Lewis', and everyone builds muscles differently. But it's motivating to see what women can do when we really work for it.

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I usually find gymspiration selfies kind of gross. They're usually done in this cheesy, contrived, "come hither" way. Like, "I've been working out and if I stand at this angle my waist looks slimmer and I'm just going to tip the camera and my torso so my boobs look bigger. Oops, is my cleavage hanging out? I didn't even notice, can't see past my fish lips! LOOK AT DAT ASS."

Lewis' selfie is all about looking strong, not thirsty. She looks genuinely proud and joyful. And also, those leggings are rad. Good for her -- and for all of us who toil with iron.

Who or what inspires you when you work out?


Image via Juliette Lewis/Instagram 


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